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Our Story

The road to Raising Cane’s® has been an incredible entrepreneurial adventure.

Our Founder, Todd Graves (Founder, CEO, Fry Cook & Cashier) took a few pictures along the way. Flip through and find out what it took to bring his dream of Raising Cane’s® to reality.
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  • No Money.

    I got the worst grade on my business plan for a college class. The professor said a chicken finger restaurant would never work. The banks said the same.

  • Oil Refinery.

    I took a job as a boilermaker working 90 hour weeks in the L.A. refinery to raise my own money.

  • Alaska.

    Then I fished commercially for Sockeye Salmon in Alaska, working 20 hour days in the dangerous conditions.

  • Home Again.

    When I returned, I had the money I earned, and was able to get a SBA loan. Just enough to start the first restaurant.

  • Renovate.

    The first Raising Cane’s®, “The Mothership”, was an old building I renovated myself with help at the entrance of LSU.

  • The Mural.

    During the renovation, we found an old mural on the original brick wall that inspired the design of our Raising Cane’s® logo.

  • First Day.

    The first Raising Cane’s® opened in 1996. We were so busy, we stayed open ‘til 3:30 a.m. It was great to work with such a fun, dedicated crew!

  • Success.

    Thank you to everyone who believed in the vision of Raising Cane’s® - to make the highest quality chicken finger meals anywhere.

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