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Our Plush Puppy Program

25 years of plush puppies
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25 years of plush puppies Find a Restaurant Buy Now


Our Plush Puppies were inspired by Todd's lovable best friend
(our namesake) Raising Cane.

Our Plush Puppy program started in 2004, and since 2009,
we have donated more than $850k back to local no-kill pet welfare organizations and other pet welfare organizations.

Some of our favorite Past Plush Puppies

  • Holiday 2006 Plush Puppy
  • Holiday 2013 Plush Puppy
  • Holiday 2014 Plush Puppy
  • Holiday 2016 Plush Puppy
  • Spring 2017 Plush Puppy
  • Mardi Gras 2018 Plush Puppy
  • Holiday 2018 Plush Puppy
  • Summer 2018 Plush Puppy
  • Holiday 2019 Plush Puppy

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